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SHAG00001 - The Midsummer Night’s Dream Of Mandy

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“Just kiss me, Brian. Kiss me until the sun sets. Kiss me forever…”

For Mandy, Brian was not only a neighbor, a childhood friend, and a best friend. He was also her secret love for years. Pero hanggang kaibigan lang ang pagtingin ng binata sa kanya dahil mayroon itong ibang mahal—si Cheryl. Gustong-gusto nito ang babae pero hindi mapormahan dahil palaging may boyfriend si Cheryl.

Until her cousins, Stacey and Tracey, plotted a scheme against Cheryl for their own revengeful reasons. The scheme: snatch Cheryl’s current boyfriend, Rico.

Hindi dapat sasali si Mandy sa kalokohan ng dalawang pinsan pero napilitan siyang tulungan ang mga ito at pati na rin si Brian. If she could snatch Rico away from Cheryl, Brian could have a chance to get his dream girl.

Nasasaktan si Mandy pero gagawin niya iyon para mapasaya si Brian. Wala na sigurong mas tatanga pa sa kanya.


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