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PPS00139 : Miss Danger Finder

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Luna King
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TITLE: Miss Danger Finder

AUTHOR: Luna King


PAGES: 512

CATCHLINE: “I want hold back anymore. So please feel free to flirt with me all you want.”

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Rara could smell dangerous people.

Ang abilidad na iyon ang gagamitin niya para hanapin ang mga frat men na dahilan kung bakit nasa state of shock ngayon ang kanyang pinsan na plano niyang ipaghiganti. Maisasakatuparan lang iyon kung mahahanap niya si Weston Rivera—ang leader ng pinakabayolenteng frat sa St. Patrick University.

Pero sa paghahanap ni Rara kay Weston Rivera, nakilala niya si Geeq Quindoza.

Geeq was the university’s head of security. Hinahanap din nito si Weston Rivera dahil ang mga frat men daw ng lalaki ang bumugbog sa ninong nito na comatose ngayon.

They found out that they have the same goal: to find the elusive “House of Rivera” where Weston was said to be hiding along with his wanted frat men.

But Rara couldn’t fully trust Geeq yet because she couldn’t “smell” him. Hindi gumagana ang abilidad niya kay Geeq kaya hindi niya alam kung mapanganib ito o hindi.

Fine—he’s handsome, smart, sexy, strong, cool, witty, thoughtful, and very gentle. But still…

Looks can be deceiving, right?


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