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RR00090 - Tales of Love and Lust (An Anthology)

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She was going to make love tonight, as planned. Nothing else mattered.



Chelsea was brokenhearted going to a party aptly called "No Tomorrow." Doon ay mayroong lalaking naglagay ng gamot sa kanyang inumin. Good thing a stranger was there to save her from only heaven knows what. But was she really safe with the stranger when they ended up having a wild night?


Anita had been in love with her best friend, Santi, for a long time. He had always treated her as a friend. But she wanted so much more. Can a night of unbridled passion turn them into lovers?


Miranda was determined to give away her virginity on the night she stole a ticket to get into a rave party. She found a man to give herself to. Miguel was his name. Will he fulfill her fantasies?


Scarlett went to a party on a date. Palagi siyang sine-set up ng ina para makipag-date. Nagsasawa na siya pero ano ang magagawa sa hiling ng ina? There she met Boris. Soon, she discovered they were great in bed together. But she did not want a man who only wanted sex from her. But how would she stop herself from wanting his touch?


Addie was angry at what was happening in her life. She decided to attend a dance party to look for a one-night stand. But she ended up making wild love with her own bodyguard. She wondered, where will her sins take her? But somehow, she did not care.


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EUR00001 – Europa Series 1: Italia: Ciao, Amore, PHP 104.00

EUR00002 : Europa Series 2, Germany: Love, Castles, and Fairy Tales, PHP 104.00

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