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Tipping The Waitress With Diamonds - PHR03800 [EBOOK]

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Nina Harrington / Translated by Iris Anne
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She was a very lucky woman, one who found a man who knew the perfect recipe for her happiness.

Para kay Sienna, ang male chefs ang most attractive men in the world. The first chef, a struggling one, that caught her eye was Brian. Pero walang naging epekto kay Brian ang kahit anong pagpapapansin na ginawa niya. It was as if he was born to ignore her.

He broke her heart.

Then she met and fell in love with Renzo, another handsome chef. They had a relationship but in the end, he, too, broke her heart. That was it! Chefs were the cruellest guys in the world. Wala na siyang planong magmahal pa ng isang chef.

Pero nagkita uli sila ni Brian. Parang nag-iba na ang ihip ng hangin dahil mukhang interesado na ito sa kanya at balak siyang ligawan—na para sa kanya ay hindi kapani-paniwala.  Brian was now a very famous chef and handsomer than ever. Hindi pa man ito nanliligaw ay madudurog na naman yata uli ang puso ni Sienna…

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