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CBK00253 - Sexy Ang Mommy Ko / My Mommy Is Sexy

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Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
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Walang araw at walang oras na hindi kasama ni Nicole ang kanyang mommy. Nakamulatan na niyang laging sila ang magkasama kahit saan.

Kaya lang, mataba ang mommy ni Nicole. Mabibilog ang braso at binti nito, at ang tiyan nito ay umaalun-alon, parang bolang malambot. Hindi ito kasing-sexy ng mga mommy ng kanyang mga kaklase.
Ano kaya ang kanyang gagawin upang maging sexy rin ang kanyang mommy?
Alamin sa kuwentong ito kung paano naging sexy para kay Nicole ang kanyang mommy.


There is no day or hour when Nicole is not with her mommy. Ever since she can remember, it was always the two of them together, everywhere.
But Nicole’s mommy is fat. Her arms and legs are plump, and her tummy is ripply, like a squishy ball. She is not as sexy as the mommies of Nicole’s classmates.
What could she do so that her mommy would become sexy, too?
Find out in this story how Nicole’s mommy becomes sexy in her own eyes.


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