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CBK00228 - Illustrated Classics Collection - The Three Musketeers

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Alexandre Dumas
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D' Artagnan, a young nobleman, leaves his home in Gascony to pursue his dream of becoming a musketeer. In Paris, he is granted an interview with Monsieur de Treville, captain of the king's musketeers. There he meets three musketeers: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Unfortunately, this meeting goes badly, resulting in D' Artagnan's challenging the three musketeers to a duel.


As the duel begins, six of Cardinal Richelieu's guards arrive and attempt to arrest D' Artagnan and the three muskeers. The four join forces. Despite being outnumbered they defeat the cardinal's guards. After the incident, D' Artagnan earns the respect and friendship of the three musketeers.

Immediately after this friendship develops, a series of adventures follows: The four defend the honor of the queen against the schemes of the cardinal-the main political rival of the king- by recovering her stolen jewels; participate in the siege of La Rochele; engage in spying in England; and the most dangerous encounter, uncovering the secret of Milady- an agent and spy of the cardinal.

Vividly illustrated and set in easy-to-read large font, this collector's edition can be enjoyed by young readers and by generations to come.


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